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This class will focus on 5 major points WHY WIGS AND WEAVES are now in such high demand and how you can use this to build wealth for your business. Learn the top reasons why women, men and children are turning to wigs, and not wearing their own natural hair. This will give you more knowledge on why you should consider increasing services in wig making and hair extension in your business. It’s time to help your clients that maybe struggling with hair loss issues and time to help your business grow to the next level.

Get the knowledge you need to move forward during this pandemic into a thriving business, offer methods that will allow less time in the salon and more revenue for the stylist as well as providing solutions for clients with hair loss issues.

Limited Space So Reserve Your Seat Today!

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If your trying to increase your revenue or enhance your skills, Boss Lady has the techniques and tips for you!

This site will feature:

  • DVDs with step by step instructions of Boss Lady's Weaving Techniques
  • Tips on hair selection
  • Hair Shows & Events
  • "Weave Like a Boss" Hair Blog
  • Shop, Like a our store!

New technique DVDs coming soon!

Remember, you too can "Weave like a Boss!"

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