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Hair Extension Training & Tools

Nacolia "Boss Lady" Gipp is a business owner, a professional stylist, platform artist, and certified educator from Atlanta, GA. She has taught classes at the Bronner Brothers Show in Atlanta, the Premiere Show in Birmingham & Orlando, and has served as a platform artist for dozens of hair product and hair brands.  

Like a Boss?

Truly passionate about her chosen career, BossLady is always on top of the trends. It’s her personal goal to continue to grow and excel in her craft and to ultimately share all that she learns. Since 2011, BossLady has traveled extensively, working as lead educator for Salon Deliveries, training many throughout the U.S. She also has her own line of instructional videos showcasing her styles and techniques. Her advanced educational background is extensive. It is this level of expertise that has attracted many music celebrities to her for the hair prepping of models and stand-ins for countless music videos. Her specialties include hair extensions, hair replacements, color, hair cutting and trichology. A complimenting combination of style, creativity, class and vision makes BossLady a pioneering force in the hair care industry whose presence will certainly affect the art of cosmetology, and more importantly the way in which clients experience cosmetology.

"I believe in being a boss; in charge of maintaining and maximizing everything God gave me. When I make moves, I do it for the better of my brand, my largest investment...myself. I want to encourage everyone I meet to follow their dreams, share their knowledge and whatever you it LIKE A BOSS!"

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